Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No, appointments are not necessary.    If, however, you are being fitted for a breast prosthesis, it’s a good idea to call ahead.  There is no charge for a fitting.

Do you sell on-line?

No, we do not.  Call us anytime to place an order and we will mail merchandise for a $6 shipping fee.

What is the average price of a bra from Braserie, Dearie!?

We have bras from $20 to $78.  The average price of our best-selling bras is $50 to $65.

How long does a bra fitting take?

A fitting usually takes 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes longer.

Why do I need a bra fitting? 

Selecting properly fitting bras is an objective process.  When fitting, your back is every bit as important as your front and you cannot see your back.  We know how a bra should fit:  snug around the torso and anchored low on the back, parallel to the floor.  The underwire or stay should be placed behind the bust, not on the breast tissue.  Finall, the center front should rest against the chest wall so that it "tacks" and separates breast tissue

Which set of eyelets should you hook your bra on?

Whichever one fits best.  Ideally you want to hook it on the loosest, then tighter as the bra stretches but this is not always possible.  Sometimes the center hooks fit better, or in rarer cases, the very tightest.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry band sizes 30 to 54, and cup sizes AA to J, including hard-to-find sizes.

I've always been a 36C, but you put me in a 38DD!  How can this be?

Breast size and density change over time.  Bra sizes changes occur with weight gain or loss and due to hormonal changes such as menstration, motherhood, peri-menopause, and menopause.  Be assured that you will always look slimmer in the right size bra.

What kind of specialty bras do you carry?

We offer pocketed bras for women who have undergone surgery.  We also carry nursing, maternity, strapless, cami bras, post-surgical, backless "stick-on," push-ups, and sport bras.

What other products do you sell?

Forever New, Ovacion, and Stretch lingerie soap; shapewear from SPANX and Leonisa; panties; swim suits and cover-ups; loungewear; breast forms of all types; Rock Cotton tunics.

What is your return policy?

Full-price bras with attached tags may be returned within 30 days for original payment.  Clearance merchandise with attached tags may be returned within 30 days for store credit.

How long should a good bra last?

It depends on the quality of your bras, how many bras you own, and how you take care of them.  If you wear the same two bras every week and wash them in detergent, they should be replaced in three to six months.  If you have three to six everyday bras, and wash them in a gentle soap like Ovacion, they will last much longer.  Sports bras should be rotated and replaced more often. Special occasion bras should last a long time.  Everyday bras should not celebrate a birthday!

What are the signs of a worn out bra?

When a once-comfortable bra becomes uncomfortable, it’s time to dispose of it.  The stretched out back will ride up, the straps will fall down, the wires will poke.  A loose bra will not support the weight of  your breasts.

An extremely worn out bra will be discolored and the tag will be illegible.

How do you measure for bra size?

In the case of the average figure, we measure around the top of the ribcage, then add three to five inches.  We add zero to three inches for full-busted women.  With full-figured women, we deduct or add an inch or two, depending on the woman.  

We believe there is no reliable way to measure for cup size so we guesstimate until we find the correct size.

I'm uneven.  What can you do for me?

Wacoal is the great "balancer."  The Awareness bra is especially effective in "evening you out."  If the size is dramatically different, we offer breast forms specifically designed for this problem.

What's the best way to put on a bra?

Without question, hooking the bra in the front, then spinning it around is the way to preserve your bras.  Reaching around the back can lead to improper hooking and accidental finger pokes through the bra.

Additionally, elderly women have difficulty reaching around, and find it impossible to learn the front closing method.  This often leads to great frustration and the need for assisted living.

My straps are constantly falling down.  What gives?

This is the most common complaint we hear.  If you have narrow shoulders, bras with "kicked-in" straps at the back of the bra will eliminate this most annoying problem.  Wacoal offers many styles with this type of strap.  If you do not have narrow shoulders, you're probably wearing too big a band or your bra is stretched out.

What color bras should I buy?

For practicality, you should buy bras that closely match your skintone:  beige for light skin; cocoa for darker skin.  The bra will not show through most clothing.  Black or white bras are great under dark, opaque fabrics.  Colorful bras will lift your spirits and boost your confidence!

Which is the most supportive type of bra?

Surprisingly, seamed bras give the best support.  The cut-and-sew design, lifts even the heaviest breasts.  Don't like a seam?  Go with an molded underwire, soft-cup which "molds" to your breast shape, or a contour bra . . .  one that is already in a shape.  Typically, a non-wire softcup gives that least amount of support, although there are exceptions.

Other questions?

Feel free to call Braserie, Dearie! at 814-833-2003 to speak with one of our bra fitters.