Specialty Bras and Garments at Braserie, Dearie!

Braserie, Dearie! offers a wide variety of types of bras as well as lingerie, bathing suits, shapewear and more. We carry 15 brands of bras in band sizes 30 to 54, and cups from AA to J.  Stop in today! No appointment is necessary. 


bathing suits

Are you someone who normally dreads bathing suit shopping? Sick of ill-fitting suits that offer no support? Braserie, Dearie! wants to change that! We have attractive swimsuits that flatter your figure while providing the support that you need.

Everyday Bras

Bras are the most important item in a woman’s wardrobe. A bra is the foundation for every outfit, so shouldn’t it be the one item you invest in? A woman should have a few everyday bras that fit comfortably. Braserie, Dearie! has a wide selection of everyday bras that will satisfy women of every size.


Sports Bras

If you are active, you know the importance of a good sports bra. The ideal sports bra fits your body perfectly and suppresses movement that may cause pain, soreness, or sagging. Stop by our boutique and browse our collection of high quality sports bras to upgrade your active lifestyle.

Special Occasion

Have an elegant strapless dress or plunging neckline? Whether it’s a wedding or a dinner date, most women need a special occasion bra. Braserie, Dearie! has every type of bra you might need such as strapless, plunge, and sticky bras. We also carry various problem-solvers like fashion tape, inserts, and shapewear.



Braserie, Dearie! is your one-stop shop for all of your post-surgical needs. We know that after surgery, you need the best quality products with the greatest comfort possible. This is why we made it a priority to stock our boutique with the best post-surgery bras to make your healing process go as smoothly as possible.

Breast Prosthetics & Mastectomy Bras

Braserie, Dearie! respects the strong women who have gone through masectomies, and have stocked our store with post-surgery options for you. We have a variety of different breast prosthetics and forms, along with an assortment of mastectomy bras. Whether you’re looking to regain your confidence or just want to be more comfortable- we’re here to help!


Nursing Bras

If you’re a new mom and plan on breastfeeding, a good-quality nursing bra will make your life so much easier! A nursing bra provides the necessary support you need without restricting your milk supply, and also allows for easy feeding access. Stop by our bra salon to find out which style works best for you and your child.


The proper shapewear can make a world of difference under a special outfit! Braserie, Dearie! is stocked with the best shapewear available that will improve your confidence, and posture. So if you’re looking for a slimmer figure, check out our shapewear collection!